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Our Ministries

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Mission:  Women’s Ministry seeks to provide opportunities for women in our church and surrounding communities to seek God with their whole hearts and to inspire and encourage women around them to do the same.

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A small group is a gathering of individuals who meet with the intention of growing in their relationship with God.  Small groups are similar to Bible studies but have some key distinctions.  Some similarities include a smaller size, frequent reading and study of scripture, and consistent and regular meeting times.  Most importantly, the primary goal is for participants’ lives to be transformed in the image of Christ.



Are you musically inclined? We would love to have you use your gifts to serve the church with your musical abilities. If interested, please reach out to Terry Billington. (

Audio Mixing Pult


If you have an "ear" for sound, or an interest in IT, serving in the A/V booth may be the place for you to serve.


If interested in getting more involved, contact Ryan Harper at 

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For over 20 years, high school-adults have played basketball at the church building on Sunday nights from roughly 7:00 P.M.-10:00 P.M.


If you're interested in joining the men for basketball, contact Ryan Harper at 

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Frazier Baptist Church love our communities, and are involved by being active in many ways throughout the year.


Click below to learn about some the many ways to get involved. 

Women's Ministry
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The women's ministry hosts various activities from sign painting, supply drives, to road-tripping to a women’s conference. We encourage the ladies to take an hour for themselves where they can meet with God, hear encouraging truth, and have an opportunity to engage with others.


We hope they are motivated to share the faith, hope, and love offered by God’s grace in their daily lives. Let’s be inspired together!

For the latest information about women's ministry events, contact Natalie Mummert ( or Melanie Bauer (

Small Groups


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Study God’s Word and build close relationships in a unique, safe setting.


Small Groups differ from the typical Sunday School class, in that Sunday School classes are open to everyone, continue year around, and will often incorporate lecture style teaching.


Small groups are shorter in nature, have a set group of people, and are generally a discussion-based format. We offer a variety of small groups in different locations throughout the year. We invite you to come join us as we grow deeper in God and closer in fellowship through Small Groups.

Contact Kyle Jackson if interested in joining one of our small groups.

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