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Meet our Staff

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Youth Pastor
Jesse Fisher

Jesse grew up just under 20 miles from Frazier. He attended Northwest Missouri State University, where God graciously introduced him to his wife Jill.


Campus ministry involvement, discipleship from a mentor, and a growing compassion for those separated from God, led him to know God was calling him into full-time ministry. September 1, 2004 he accepted the position of Student Minister at Frazier Baptist Church.

Since starting at Frazier, God has blessed him and Jill with 4 wonderful children, who love sports, reading, dirt bikes, guns, video games, swimming, glitter, crafts, unicorns, dancing, and anything else that could possibly turn into a competition!


Jesse naturally enjoys joining his children in all of the mentioned activities, along with a good cup of black coffee, and unhurried conversation. His passion is to provide truth to all teens, leading to trust in Christ.

Contact Jesse at

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Administrative Assistant
Susan Ritchheart

Susan has served as Administrative Assistant since September 2011. Her experience in this area includes working for several churches and the St. Joseph Baptist Association since 1984.


She is a native of Missouri and has been married to her husband Gene for 35 years. They have two sons. Susan asked Jesus to be her Savior at Vacation Bible School when she was 11. 

She enjoys spending time with her granddaughters, Cali and Georgia, teaching children about the Bible and feels blessed to serve in any capacity at Frazier.

Contact Susan at

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Senior Pastor

If you are interested in applying or have additional questions about the position,

please direct your inquiry to

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